Frequently Asked Questions

No more being left wondering about what hemp is and how it can help you

I want to make sure that I am as transparent as I can be to describe what is it like to work with me - either as a client or a business partner.

Your time is very important to you – I get it. So I thought I would share the questions that are most often asked by those interested in starting to use full spectrum hemp and CBD to improve their health and also the answers to the questions for those of you that want to become a business owner!

I don't know if Hemp might be able to help me - how do i find out?

Your health goals are important and so is your time, so I make sure I’m as efficient as possible.
Just click on the contact me section and send me a message - simple!  This is the best most efficient way for me to help you. 


What are your qualifications?

It’s so important that when working with Hemp with a Heart, that I get you the best outcome. It’s why I make sure I am at the top of my professional game. I have been fortunate enough to experience all of our Full Spectrum Hemp products myself and know first hand how effective they are for helping your health issues.  That's why I am so passionate about sharing my personal well-being journey to show you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for you too!

I have a degree in sports sciences from Loughborough university and 3 years experience working in the pharmaceuticals industry, so I certainly understand why people are turning to more holistic ways to help their health.  I also work with a team of doctors and nurses who are on hand to answer any medical queries, but i wanted to point out that before starting any new health regime its advisable to check with your health care professional.

I'm interested in trying one of your products how do I do that?


Join our newsletter and be the first the try new products and receive free samples or send me a message and lets get you started!


I’ve never used Hemp/CBD products before. I'm a bit apprehensive. What’s the first step?


Firstly, I work with ‘first-timers’ all the time so there’s nothing at all to be worried about. Let me guide you through the journey. It starts with me asking questions about your current state of wellbeing, your age and any medication you are taking. Hemp MAY NOT be suitable for you and that's where I offer other solutions to help you - so don't worry we have got your covered and I am sure we will be able to help - or you get your money back!

I'm interested working with partnering with you and sharing these products how do i do that?


CLICK ON THIS LINK  to see if you are a right fit and let's get started!