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Green tea in glass cups with hemp leaves on a white board

The heart behind the hemp

I'm Lucy - I live in beautiful Hampshire, England. I'm married to my best friend and we have two playful puppies; Buddy and Kenny. 

Summer 2020 was a big year of change for all of us. As with a lot of people I was suffering with high levels of anxiety and sleep deprivation; mostly due to the concerns around the pandemic. I was clinically vulnerable so the thought of getting ill was terrifying.


The less I slept the more I worried; the more I worried the less I slept. I was trapped in a vicious cycle.


I saw someone share their experiences of sleep products on the internet and at that point I was willing to try anything. I was lucky enough to try some of the products and that night it changed my life. I had the best nights sleep I can ever remember and my level of anxiousness were eased.


After some research into the company, little did I know that simply by sharing my experiences of these amazing products there was a thriving business opportunity waiting for me.


I now help hundreds of women with their health and wellness  and can show you how to improve your financial situation by leveraging multiple streams of income.


I'm passionate about helping women achieve the life they desire.

Lucy x


 What I do

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What I do

Are you ready to create a viable business?

Are you feeling uninspired in your current job?

Are you unsure about your financial security?

Do you recognise the advantages of multiple income streams?

Do you already look after peoples health and need products that support your client's pursuits for natural healing?

Are you passionate healthy living and healing the body in a natural way?

If you answered yes; I'm ready to talk to you about your next steps...

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